Behind Every Successful Mortgage Stands a… GPO?

by | May 2, 2017

One of our clients was in the process of purchasing 14 facilities when he turned to us for some help. In order for his group to get a better mortgage rate, enabling an affordable sale, he needed us to send a statement of all the money that we had helped him save in the past. Of course, we were more than happy to help!

This client had previously purchased 19 facilities earlier in the year. With the help and guidance of Prime Source GPO, he turned them around and made them profitable within a relatively short amount of time. He accomplished this by utilizing the significant amount of money he was able to save through our GPO contracts. The bank was then able to use that data to approve better loan rates for these 14 new facilities!

In other words, the 9% – 34% savings across different categories in his original homes resulted in an annualized savings of nearly $6 million! With the money that our GPO saved him, he was able to pave the path of success for the homes he owned and also was able to get a much better deal for the new ones.

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