Can You Hear Me Now?

by | Sep 14, 2017

In today’s ever changing world we are constantly updating our technology.

Whether it be software or hardware, the high tech industry is always evolving. With Apple’s latest iPhone upgrade, America as a whole felt the impulse to run out and purchase the latest and greatest. Scores of people shelled out hundreds, if not thousands on the “latest and greatest” only to be put through the same process when the newer model debuts in the future.

All too often we forget the importance that technology has on our senior community. The very same software and technology that millennials use can be of great value to our elderly loved ones. The benefits are enormous; just to name a few:


  1. The overwhelming feeling of falling behind.

When seniors feel as though they have no connection to today’s world and are out of touch with children, grandchildren, and even peers, it can create a deep depression that stems from a place of “not knowing today’s world”.


  1. Social media as a form of communication.

Studies have shown that when seniors utilize social platforms such as

Facebook and Instagram, they are more in touch with family, friends, and other seniors. There are groups all over Facebook dedicated to the over eighty community!


  1. Access to current events.

By ensuring that our loved ones have appropriate internet and cable connections we are providing them with a lifeline to the world at large, keeping them in the know and keeping their minds active.


Prime Source GPO is always here to help you with technology solutions to fit your facility’s needs. We hold contracts with cable providers, phone companies, social media professionals and many more! Contact us today to ensure your facility has the best connection!

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