Efficiency dashboard helps hospitals identify savings opportunities

by | Apr 26, 2012

The Premier healthcare alliance has created a new efficiency dashboard that identifies 15 separate categories where there could likely be savings opportunities for hospitals.

According to Susan DeVore, president and CEO of Premier, the dashboard analyzed hospitals with opportunities for savings improvements. Premier then calculated the average amount of savings that could be generated each year by a typical 200- to 300-bed community hospital.

According to Michael Greenfield, CEO of Prime Source GPO which also partners with Premier, “Hospitals and other health care facilities today are doing everything they can to cut costs.”

“We looked for wide ranges of performance to look at what was working and what wasn’t. The goal was to create a roadmap so health systems can identify the opportunities for savings and then go after them. We came up with the top 15 challenges from an efficiency perspective, said DeVore.”

Some of the challenges identified by Premier are:

  • Unnecessary labor expense, such as inefficient processes that take too long or require too many employees to complete.
  • Excess readmissions.
  • Inappropriate length of stay.
  • Higher paid employees doing work that less expensive or less experienced staff could do equally well.

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