Featured Product of the Month: Pristine Bottle-less Water System

by | May 31, 2012

According to a number of studies by government agencies, environmental groups and healthcare experts, tap water is safer, healthier and better for the environment than bottled water.

In a series of eye-opening tests on five-gallon polycarbonate jugs of water, a high percentage were found to be contaminated with lead, chlorine, E. coli, BPA (an endocrine disrupting chemical) and bacteria. The New York Times, Consumer Reports and other media outlets attributed the results to lack of government oversight of the bottled water industry.

In addition to health issues, environmental groups have raised concerns about the impact of all that plastic going into landfills. Plus, it takes a lot of oil to make all those bottles and ship them.

For businesses with heavy water consumption, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, long term care facilities and assisted living residences, there are other considerations to consider – like the cost and headaches associated with getting those heavy 42 lb. delivered, stored and replaced week after week.

That’s why Pristine’s “Think out of the bottle!” products have been a huge hit with thousands of businesses, including hundreds of healthcare facilities.

Pristine “bottle-less” water coolers are the innovative alternative to providing water for your office or workplace. The technologically advanced filtration equipment is connected directly to your regular water supply, and dispenses water that is exceptionally pure, delicious, and superior to bottled water. With Pristine water coolers, not only will you enjoy a superior product, you will also realize significant savings.

Pristine Water Coolers offer the following benefits:

-7 step filtration and water enhancement process removes dirt, chemicals and bacteria, while adding antioxidants and improving taste.

-No increases in price or additional cost for delivery. All you pay is one low monthly fee, which is less than the average office pays for bottled water.

-No delivery, storage or wrestling with cumbersome, heavy bottles.

-Coolers come in a variety of capacities, replenishing speeds, features, colors and styles.

Specials and exclusive discounts on Pristine products are available through the Prime Source GPO. The Prime Source GPO offers customers the lowest costs on a wide variety of products and services. Contact us today at customerservice@primesourceny.com or (845) 517-0020.

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