Featured Vendor of the Month: Lumen Supply

by | May 31, 2012

Lumen Supply offers an unbeatable selection of products for virtually every lighting need, with competitive pricing, timely delivery and impeccable customer service. Their aim is to deliver greater value & excellent service to every customer, every time!

Founded over a decade ago, Lumen Supply is a premier lighting supplier for business facilities, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, theatres, ball rooms, office buildings, residential and commercial buildings and developers.

From new construction to remodeling of existing properties, Lumen Supply provides for a variety of lighting and electrical requests. With outstanding customer service and experience, they work closely with facilities to help supply engineers, purchasing directors, and management groups. From simple fixtures to challenging items, Lumen Supply can help outfit any space or building.

Lumen Supply carries a full line of light bulbs and ballasts from all brands, as well as electrical supplies like capacitors, transformers etc. In addition, they offer an extensive selection of indoor/outdoor lighting fixtures. Exit signs, emergency fixtures and supplies, back up batteries, motors for air systems, pumps, and other devices, as well as all fixture parts, maintenance and kits to help each business properly dispose of old or broken lighting and electrical supplies.

Specials and exclusive discounts on Lumen Supply products are available through the Prime Source GPO. The Prime Source GPO offers customers the lowest costs on a wide variety of products and services. Contact us today at customerservice@primesourceny.com or (845) 517-0020.

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