Give Your Director of Purchasing a Break!

by | Mar 15, 2018

We’ve got never-before-seen-footage below of a Director of Purchasing actually enjoying their job!

“Purchasing” is the Healthcare Industry’s buzzword for shopping. Purchasing for a facility is like hitting up the supermarket – times 1000x. Where you’ve got your shopping list of bread, eggs, and milk, Directors of Purchasing are “browsing the aisles” for 10,000 cases of gauze, 80 pounds of potatoes, and a truckload of toilet of paper.

Way less fun than it looks.

Practical, everyday supplies, like paper towels, antibacterial liquids, and cleaning products can cut massively into your facility’s budget, particularly if you’re still shopping at a Big Box like Costco (P.S.A, Costco is for grandmothers looking to kill the time till MahJong. Not for facilities with 200 mouths to feed.)

Keeping up with the quantity of supplies and vendors needed to ensure the smooth running of your facility is a responsibility that often falls squarely on your D.O.P’s shoulders. While his/her job will never be as simple as throwing Cheetos in your cart at Whole Foods, there are several ways to alleviate the built-in logistical strain.

Ready to give your Director of Purchasing a break? Learn how the PrimeSource GPO network works hand-in-hand with your D.O.P. to streamline the purchasing process – while saving your organization thousands.

Grab your last few free samples, then cancel your Costco membership ASAP.

        #1: Gain access to hundreds of high-quality, low-priced vendors.

By joining PrimeSource GPO, you’ll immediately save up to 30% off on the everyday products your facility utilizes every day. Call your contractor: that sauna is getting installed sooner than he thought!

       #2: One hundred heads are better than one: Ready to have a full team of experts at your disposal?

The PrimeSource GPO, team is comprised of purchasing experts armed with in-depth industry knowledge and practical field expertise. These experts are waiting and ready  to help your D.O.P. discover the best options for your business.

       #3: Employees will also score exclusive discounts on national service providers and retailers.

Perks, perks, perks! By joining the PrimeSource GPO network, your employees also gain access to incredible, exclusive discounts on daily expenses, such as phone service, car rentals, and the occasional music festival tickets.

You might want to leave the kids at home for this.


#4: Work with a dedicated account manager who cuts the legwork in half

The account manager assigned to your team scours the network for the deals and providers that will save your organization the most in costs. (GPO + Feature)

       #5: Take your purchasing process fully online – no need for countless phone calls.

With a world of products and services being offered online, it only makes sense to move away from the phone-and-catalog model and bring purchasing into the digital age. Gain access to our online network today! (GPO + Feature)

Your Director of Purchasing just called.

They’re ready to make the first move towards a smarter way to “Shop” – are you?  

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