Huntington Memorial Hospital improves supply chain

by | Aug 8, 2012

Huntington Memorial Hospital, a community-focused regional medical center in California, recently implemented changes in order to put the patients first while improving the quality of the service it provides.

The hospital – a 625-bed nonprofit – is implementing cost savings measures related to procurement and management of supplies. To do so, it will implement new technology, updating its wireless capabilities and introducing more mobile devices to increase automation and efficiently track inventory.

“Huntington Hospital is renowned for delivering exceptional healthcare to the community, so it is critical that we partner with a technology provider that shares a deep understanding of the industry and its direction,” said Debbie Tafoya, chief information officer of Huntington.

Technology updates of the type undertaken by Huntington can make hospital processes both more efficient and more eco-friendly by reducing the production of paper waste. The White House recently praised successful efforts by hospitals to reduce their environmental footprint. The program, called the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, included two panel discussions on sustainability and transforming the supply chain.

From: Strategic Sourceror

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