When was the last time you converted savings into actual money in your pocket?

by | Mar 22, 2017

Saving money is always on everyone’s mind. How can I save money? How do I maximize the amount of money I save? There are several factors to consider when it comes to saving money in your facility. Some are more obvious- replacing outdated systems, battling overtime and overstaffing issues, etc. Some, however, you may not even know exist.

Budgeting, for both household and LTC facility, may seem like it requires a full time job on its own and some days it’s just not easy to find the time. Anyone can try and find a couple of hours, but we all know that chances are as soon as you get in the zone you’re going to get interrupted by an emergency. The reality is that these tend to arise on a daily basis.

Prime Source GPO employees have years of experience with negotiating for and procurement of products and services that are crucial to your bottom line. We remain on top of current trends and consistently scour the industry to find you the absolute best savings to boost your cash flow. In fact, we have a client who just sent us a letter thanking us for saving them 7% on natural gas costs. This NJ-based group was unaware they had left any savings on the table at all! 7% may not seem like a big number, but as you well know, over time it can turn into a major source of savings. Savings that can be used for other necessary expenses needed to grow your business. This particular group in NJ calculated that with these savings they can hire another member to their marketing staff. They now have another team member who can help attain a better case-mix and keep up their census. This “minor savings” has just turned into a profit.

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