LED Bulbs Rebate Program for NJ

by | May 31, 2013

In New Jersey there currently is a rebate program (it’s a 2012 program that was extended through the second quarter of 2013) that will subsidize up to 100% of the cost to a commercial facility for upgrading their existing light bulbs to energy savings LEDs.

Additional programs and rebates are available for facilities in other states as well through Green Light LLC, an energy conservation company specializing in energy-efficient cost saving lighting systems.

Green Light will walk through your facility, consult with your engineering and maintenance personnel to understand the current lighting systems being used. We will make recommendations and show samples taking in to consideration lumen requirement and desired color temperatures. Once we finalize on the products a proposal will be presented explaining in detail cost, energy savings and rebate funding. The entire proposal can be accepted or only a portion of it (I.e. free measures).

Once the project is approved the rebate portion is written over to Green Light. The said amount comes off the total project cost. (You don’t have to lay out the funds and wait for the rebate.)

Benefits Include:

Energy efficient bulbs-Lower electric bills.
Longer lasting bulbs-save on maintenance & replacement
Cooler operating bulbs- lower air conditioning cost

The NJ program expires at the end of June so act quickly!

For more information, please contact:

Dave Weissmandl
VP, National Accounts Prime Source Services / Prime Source GPO 845-517-0020 Ext. 2122

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