Like it or not we need China’s help! …for now.

by | Apr 8, 2020

The challenges:

As of April 1st, all Covid supplies must have a registration code leaving from China. 

China just celebrated Tomb Sweeping Day; halting shipments and production. 

KN95 masks (Chinese made N95, see picture below) were not recommended for healthcare until today. Now it’s become sought after, which will create an even crazier demand coupled with all the other hurdles of backed up flights, border delays, government seizing products and much more. 

The only real cost cutting measure to PPE supplies is joining forces with other facilities now and placing orders in China.

The reality is you have all the trouble mentioned above, as well as the large funding needed prior to shipment. However, the result will be cutting out all the middlemen driving up facilities costs! 

The further sad reality is that it will only save you 30 percent on average with a wait time of 2 weeks. Simply because the entire world is now relying on China’s production. Of course, this is only a solution for those who have the luxury of waiting for the unknown. 

Which brings me to my final point. We need to look in our backyards and get government assistance with making product in the good ole US of A! 





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