Love Where You Work

by | Feb 16, 2018

Studies show that employees who are comfortable in their workplace are more productive and happy than those who are not. Pretty obvious! These employees will help breed an overall environment of productivity and satisfaction throughout the office. An uncomfortable and negative work environment not only slows down productivity but can also cause employees to consider resignation, and a facility with high turnover rate is far less effective than one with a steady-employment record. 
There are a few things to consider when assessing your facility’s work environment.
1. Interactions: Is the building bustling with good, positive energy or can you hear a pin drop? While a quiet space can mean a calm atmosphere, no one should feel afraid to speak up or engage with their coworkers in positive, work-related conversation and should feel excited to readily interact with residents. Working together can have amazing outcomes for the morale of everyone in the facility.
2. High Turnover Rate: If people are leaving or even talking about leaving more than normal that’s a sign that you may have a problem on your hands with working conditions or environment. When people are happy with their jobs they will think twice before seeking out other employment. If you hear an employee talking about leaving, speak to them and see why they are not enjoying the work and see what you might be able to help fix for them and other employees. 
3. Conflicting Management: If you are trying to figure out how employees may feel about their work environment, look to the management. How your managerial staff feels will be reflected in their teams. Are they happy and cooperative or do they often disagree with upper management or each other? It’s important to have harmony in the workplace so that employees are sure of their individual and team goals.
Remember- having a good work environment is good for everybody! ​

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