Product of the Month: BDB’s PayStream Online Payroll System

by | Jun 28, 2012

According to recent studies, businesses are spending more time on human resources paperwork than ever before. Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities face particularly challenging human resources demands, regulatory compliance responsibilities and complex staffing issues.

BDB Payroll Service, Inc. understands this challenge better than most. BDB provides payroll and human resource solutions that work for over 7,000 businesses nationwide, including numerous healthcare facilities. BDB’s goal is to help you allocate more resources to servicing residents and patients, rather than the minutiae of payroll paperwork, tax filing and compliance.

BDB recently rolled out their revolutionary online payroll system – PayStream. With PayStream you can log in anytime through our secure Web site, enter the payroll data and you’re done! PayStream will automatically handle the payroll processing, deposit and file all the payroll taxes and send you an email confirmation. You’ll have the ability to self-print checks from your office, receive unlimited help from our payroll experts and have online access to all your customizable payroll reports.

BDB also offers many additional features that you may find helpful, including workers’ comp reports, customized 401(k) and other management reports, general ledger and bank reconciliation interfaces.

Last, but not least, clients switching to BDB from Paychex and ADP save an average of 20-30% on their annual payroll processing costs.

According to Peter Poliakine, Accounting Manager, “I was amazed at how clean, user-friendly, and intuitive Paystream is. What an improvement over Paychex (and all the other payroll services I’ve used in the past)! Moving over to your service is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

BDB Payroll Service was formed in 1991 to provide outsourced payroll processing services. Located in Brooklyn, NY, BDB currently serves approximately 7,000 clients and processes payrolls for over 400,000 client employees each month.

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