Vendor of the Month: White Glove Consulting

by | Sep 4, 2012

For thousands of seniors and their families, White Glove Consulting has been a life-saver. White Glove Consulting is a consulting firm that guides families and seniors through the complex process of applying for Medicaid. They focus on helping people secure long term care at home after a stay in a rehabilitation facility, which allows for a safer and smoother discharge.

Whether they own a home, have a substantial amount of money in resources, or their monthly income is above the Medicaid allowable, White Glove Consulting can help.

In addition to providing a safety net for seniors, White Glove Consulting is recognized throughout the entire Health Care industry for their consulting work with numerous nursing homes, certified and licensed home care agencies, hospitals and assisted living facilities.

White Glove Consulting has a perfect track record of never having an application denied by Medicaid, thanks to their understanding of the system and the great relationships they have developed with Medicaid staff.

One of the most important benefits of White Glove Consulting to healthcare facilities is that many certified home health agencies accept their Medicaid pending applications. Therefore, in many cases, home care services can begin while the Medicaid approval is still pending. Once the Medicaid gets approved, the agency can back bill Medicaid for the pending services that were provided.

White Glove Consulting is certified by NYC Medicaid. Their staff is well trained by the Human Resources Administration, Department of Social Services, and are always up to date on the most current changes of any rules or regulations.

According to Shlomo Torn, Executive Director of United Community Services: “I highly recommend White Glove Consulting as a Medicaid Facilitator. White Glove Consulting provides excellent service to the health care industry and the community by assisting individuals who require Medicaid services. They are quick and efficient and will take on case that others find too difficult to handle.

Over the past several years, White Glove Consulting has submitted many pooled trusts to our organization. All their applications have been detailed and thorough, and we have never found the need to reject or delay a trust due to incomplete paperwork. White Glove has always followed through to insure their client’s applications are sped through the system.”

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