Winter Prep Talk

by | Dec 15, 2017

What is your winter personality? Do you dream of warm nights by the fire, watching the snow fall? Or do you cringe at the thought of runny noses and leaky radiators? Whichever category you fall into its important to be prepared to ensure a safe, warm, and happy winter.

The first step towards winter preparedness is making sure your facility is ready for the freezing temperatures. Instead of cranking up the thermostat quickly when it drops to 50 degrees outside, gradually raise the temperature over time to allow the heating unit to ease into the cold after a hot summer of being unused.

For those who will be commuting to work at a facility, it is just as important to prepare your car for the drop in temperature as it is to prepare your residents living quarters. In case of a winter driving emergency keep a kit of blankets, flashlights, and jumper cables stashed in your trunk.

The last step for total winter readiness is making sure your mind and body are taken care of. When the summer ends and we stop spending time in the sun it can cause our bodies to lose important vitamins, especially vitamin D. Make sure to have your facilities stocked to provide your residents with multivitamins to ensure they are getting all the nutrients their body needs. If you find yourself or your residents with the winter blues, try getting outside on those space warmer days and remember to exercise, both proven to help lift your spirits. However, most importantly remember that winter won’t last forever so enjoy the beautiful snow and changing seasons while it lasts!

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